Growth Roadmap

Before the launch we first want these 2 steps to be fully successful : Sneak Peak Visionary Merch βœ… and Collaboration with established Communities & DAOs βœ…



Listing on Magic Eden The Visionaries Holders verification + Sales Bot (Twitter Discord) The Visonaries APE AIRDROP / Free for holders. Merch Realised + Holders Giveaways Establish Community Wallet : 70% Community Wallet , 25% Staked, 5% $VISIO Token Begin air dropping $VISIO to Visionaries Holders


PHASE 2 Utility Begins!

Custom STAKING Platform $VISIO is the currency that powers The Visionaries eco-system $Visio also influences your voting power in the Visionaries Council DAO Profits made through NFT SALES will flow back into $VISIO Token Liquidity Pool


PHASE 3 Main project : End-To-End Plateform!

BETA launch / Visionary NFT End-To-End Platform Reach new Designers, Devs and Marketer from Solana Eco-System. Collecting $VISIO holders wallet / rewards Partnership with well known artists


PHASE 4 Vision!

Use $VISIO to Bid on Purchased DAO Holdings {NFTs} Listing to Opensea {Target ETH & Other Blockchains expanding our marketing Reach} Branding & exclusivity

The main project : Our NFT End-To-End Plateform.

The project is to set up the first NFT End-To-End platform creation in 3 steps.

Step 1: You will be able to choose your design with the artists on our platform (2D, 3D..), the creation begins.

Once the designs are ready and you are satisfied :

Step 2: The application will put you in touch with an NFT developer who will take care of the generation process + the mint page.

Once the technical steps are completed :

Step 3: During this step you will be in touch with marketing experts from the NFT Space, they will give you advice on social networks, twitter, discord mainly until the Mint date.

We will apply a fee on each collection to reward our holders and pay the team.

Free merch

Exclusive Visio Surprise πŸŽ‰


You will be able to choose between those 2 models below ⬇️

(Google Forms, delivery details, size details) coming right after the mint.

team Image
team Image

Meet The Team

team Image


FOUNDER / Project manager (DOX Incoming)

team Image

Sebastien (Tchunguix)

Lead Developer

team Image


Community Manager

team Image


Artist / Portrait Specialist

Visionaries FAQ

Friday, JUNE 10
Holders will get an exclusive access to our NFT End-to-End platform Will be rewarded every weeks (royalties) by the fees applied on the plateform. Get free merch.
Every Visio Holder will get it’s free Visio merch. Community first, delivery details, size details on discord.
1555 Visionaries.
Yes, soon CLOSED. Join the Discord for more details.
The desire to create a project that will improve the lives of NFT enthusiasts. We have a long term vision, and the Visio community is our priority.